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The V Seminar for English Teaching Professionals entitled: “Unifying an English Teaching Community of Practice” was organized by the English Teaching Major for First and Second Cycles of UNED with the purpose of providing a space for professional development in the English teaching field. Attendees have the opportunity to examine the latest trends to teach English in various educational contexts that respond to the needs of EFL language learners. Through interactive sessions and highly qualified professionals, attendees develop academically and personally to the highest level. 

 We invite you to participate in our free virtual seminar that will take place on July 23rd and 24th and get familiarized with our Career. In this site, you can find welcoming videos, the agenda, presenters’ biographies, the registration form, and our contacts. If you properly register, you can also have access to complementary materials designed by our presenters and the links to the programmed sessions. 



Distance Education




Presenters for this Event 

Ana Campos

National English Advisor
Ministry of Public Education (MEP-Costa Rica)

Jose A. Cerdas

English Education Program Manager
Peace Corps Costa Rica

Waizaan Hin

English Professor and Translator

Cindy Jiménez

Researcher in the Technological Research and Innovation Laboratory and English professor

Debbie Huffine 

Core Professor
American College of Education

Martin Caicedo

Regional Assessment Specialist
Central and South America Oxford University Press

Alfieri Avilán

Certified Master Trainer and Academic Consultant
Pearson Education

Joe Leon

Online Platforms Specialist
Oxford University Press

Jonathan Elizondo

English Professor and Teacher
UNED-MEP and Cambridge English Assessment speaking examiner

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