Grammar Village

Mastering the structures of a language, in this case English, helps speakers to interact with others, understand the messages that are shared and actively participate in the communicative process. However, structures tend to be tricky and require lots of practice.


The main goal of Grammar Village is to support students in their learning process either when taking specific grammar courses or in their self-study time.

What the game includes

The game includes four main activities with four different difficulty levels each. The activities are divided as follows:

Activity 1: Art Gallery building is related to word and picture connection.

Activity 2: Radio Station building is related to audio and spelling activities.

Activity 3: Village News building is related to word completion.

Activity 4: Library building is related to word organization in a sentence.

Specific instructions are displayed in each of the buildings as you progress in the game.

How to play

The main screen displays four buildings that take you to each of the activities in the game. Click on the Art Gallery building to get started.

Each activity —including its four levels— has to be fully completed before clicking on a new building. In other words, all the levels in Activity 1 (the Art Gallery building) have to be completed before moving to all the levels in Activity 2 (the Radio Station building) and so on.

Buildings are lit when all the levels in the activity have been successfully completed, and you can revisit the activities as many times as you want. Each time you start a new game, new content is displayed, and you start from level 1 again.

Technical aspects to consider

The game is compatible with different devices, including computers, tablets, and cellphones.

The game is compatible with different browsers. In the case of Firefox, it blocks the sound effects in the game. To solve this, click on the information icon on the address bar (left side on the screen) and open the Control Center where you can change the Auto play sound setting from Block to Allow.

The game saves progress while you are playing only if you use the same internet connection spot. In other words, if you use your cellphone to play with the internet connection at home and then at a restaurant, all the changes will be lost, and you will have to start again.

The game saves progress when each level in the activity is fully completed. This means that you can finish the other levels at another time.